Global Wind Day: Celebrating the local impact of wind energy around the world

Global Wind Day: Celebrating the local impact of wind energy around the world


We are living in a time of energy transition: the world is moving fast from a fossil fuel-based energy to a growing decarbonised energy supply. The renewables-based electrification of the leading sectors – transport, heating & cooling, and industrial processes – is due to change the world’s energy mix. Europe – the historical hub of wind energy – is exporting its wind energy know-how and technology, and emerging markets such as Africa, Asia and Latin America are setting a solid pipeline of wind energy projects in previously unexpected regions.

Yet, despite this crucial topic is faced worldwide and thousands of individuals are daily involved in wind energy production, many people basically ignore wind energy process. The Global Wind Day annually occurs on June 15th to draw the attention of policy makers to the power wind energy holds enhancing many social, economic and environmental challenges and to introduce general public to this valuable renewable source through a series of activities (i.e. wind farms visits, meeting with experts, seminars leading industry figures) highlighting how wind power (together with other renewables) may change the world.

Energy transition is crucial to decarbonise global economies. But it is also a key issue for the environment protection and the development of local communities all over the world. “Wind energy is precious either for the environment or for the economy of the countries where wind parks are based – said Giuseppe De Beni, CEO & Managing Director of Italgen”. Wind industry brings new jobs, know-how, capacity building and investments to formerly unexploited areas with a huge natural potential. The Global Wind Day is a great initiative to highlight how wind energy is providing people with a cleaner future, today.

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