Digitization in hydropower

Digitization in hydropower



Over 100 experts from leading operators and manufacturers, including Italgen, as well as from research institutes joined the workshop “Digitalization in Hydropower” held in Vienna on 12th April 2018, organized by VGB PowerTech|Hydro in cooperation with VERBUND Hydro Power GmbH.

The attendants were called to share common views on how digitalization process will transform the way hydropower plants will be operated and maintained in the future.

The workshop was focused on two main topics:

1. The development of digital hydropower plant processes, comprising:

  • evaluations of all applications to improve models, methods and tools for data gathering, analysis and use
  • optimization of operation
  • maintenance and revision inspections.


2. The digital workforce management, including IT systems to facilitate the digital support of operation on the basis of existing planning and accounting tools.

Digitization has emerged in recent years providing technological innovation and solutions to improve the performance of existing and future hydropower facilities optimizing asset management by reducing costs.  

Possible innovations include energy production forecasting, a better control for ancillary services, cybersecurity, plant and fleet optimization and maintenance works. Digital transformation will provide hydropower asset owners with actionable insight from data, contributing to increase efficiencies and minimize outage times.

Hydropower has been playing a key role among renewables for over a century - said Giuseppe De Beni, CEO & Managing Director of Italgen. But it’s now time to be supported by new technologies to impact the global electric power system providing both economic and environmental benefits across a range of electricity stakeholders from power plant owners to electricity consumers.This is our lesson learned from the digitalization of other sectors which daily run our lives.”.

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