23rd April: The Earth Day

23rd April: The Earth Day



More than 1 billion people in about 200 countries celebrated the 59th edition of the Earth Day, a worldwide event promoted by the United Nations to raise public awareness on the importance of protecting the environment.

The 2018 edition was focused on ending plastic pollution, including creating support for a global effort to change human attitude and behavior encouraging the reduction of plastic consumption and the use of more eco-friendly materials.

The event was the chance for Italgen to promote awareness-raising activities for its employees sharing common views on environmental topics such as waste management, with a specific focus on plastics.

The promotion of actions of environmental care has always been part of Italgen’s DNA.  A strong Sustainable Development commitment has led the company to organise many eco-friendly initiatives, including an efficient maintenance program of waterflows converging towards its plants, through sophisticated equipment and qualified staff, ensuring the release of waste-free water in the environment.

The protection and enhancement of green areas neighboring Italgen’s power plants is an additional confirmation of its "green" commitment. Thanks to the close cooperation with local institutions and associations Italgen has carried out the maintenance of some rural roads, such as the so called “Via Priula”, an historical long route linking Bergamo to its surroundings and crossing the amazing setting of the Prealpi Orobie, the local mountain region.

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