Green economy and new employment to boost Italy

Green economy and new employment to boost Italy


A great attendance to the two full day initiative at its VII edition held in Rimini on November 6th and 7th within the framework of Ecomondo and Key Energy, the leading expo for the green and circular economy.

The event, promoted by the National Council of the Green Economy and by the Italian Ministry for the Environment, with the sponsorship of the Ministry for the Economic Development, the EU and supported by the Foundation for Sustainable Development, has been dedicated to the green ways to boost our economy. Two plenary sessions and five in-depth thematic consultations focused on the development of a programmatic platform for a green circular economy in the country through the analysis of positive potentials, obstacles, as well as policies and measures necessary to improve the ecological quality of this strategic sector.

The opening plenary, on November 6th, has been the occasion to illustrate to an international audience the 2018 Report on the State of the Green Economy: an interesting update of the analysis of some Italian strategic sectors dealing with the circular economy and a description of a package of seven priority proposals for the XVIII legislature – among whom those concerning renewables’ enhancement -  drawn up by the National Council to launch a more solid extensive development of green economy and green jobs in the country.

The plenary session held on November 7th has been dedicated to the international network and specifically focused on “The role of companies in the transition to green economy: World trends” Authoritative institutional representatives and large national and multinational enterprises intervened bringing their experience in the field and suggesting common goals for a sustainable transition.

"The great attendance to the 2018 States General of Green Economy  confirms the undoubted interest in the field - declared Giuseppe De Beni, CEO & Managing Director of Italgen – It is now time for Politics to pick up the suggestions of entrepreneurs and facilitate the necessary transition path to green economy, through suitable legal framework and implementing decrees, helping our country’s recovery and creating new jobs. Times is running short."


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