It’s time for Nature

It’s time for Nature


June 5th: an unforgettable and recurring anniversary to celebrate the environment and remember its looming threats.

This year, the event will be unique in its kind for the conditions we are living – the post-pandemic phase still imposes strict vetoes and rules – and for the many questions conceived during Covid19-emergency.

Forced to an unprecedented isolation and limited in our freedom, these months we have observed a dynamic and vital nature regain urban spaces. A situation that has led us to rediscover our surroundings and re-think our relationship with the environment.

The theme of 2020 edition is the decline of biodiversity, as a result of environmental exploitation. None of us can look the other way. We have a unique chance: correct, with daily actions, situations that could worsen. 

Our Company has a long tradition in environmental protection. We preserve watercourses’ ecosystems clearing them from debris and build fish ladders to enable fish migration along the rivers. We additionally perform fish restoking programs.

This year we will celebrate the World Environment Day with some online awareness activities. Rules still impose distances. But we will be effective: biodiversity crisis needs timely solutions.

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