Italgen among the leaders of Sharm El Sheikh Conference

Italgen among the leaders of Sharm El Sheikh Conference


1,500 Delegates from 52 Countries, 2,000 leading Companies of key sectors such as tourism, infrastructure, cement and energy (including Italgen): these are the numbers of Egypt Economic Development Conference held in Sharm El Sheikh on March 13th -15th.

The event, promoted by H.E. President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, was the occasion for the Egyptian Government to illustrate the country’s mid-term development plans and the relevant policies, either to be implemented or currently in place.

Among the objectives declared by H.E. President El Sisi, a gradual economic growth aiming at a revival of the country, thanks to the fruitful cooperation between the Egyptian Government and many local and foreign partners from public and private sector attending the event.

The energy issue repeatedly emerged as the main topic of the Conference.The increase of consumptions and the reduced production have transformed Egypt from gas exporter to gas importer and the country is currently trying to diversify its energy sources exploiting renewables to meet the growing energy needs and cover a domestic demand of about 8,000 MW.

Italgen, the first foreign direct investor to conceive and develop a wind farm project in Gulf El Zeit (Red Sea Governorate), is about to start the construction of the 1st phase (120 MW) of an overall 320 MW wind power plant. Giuseppe De Beni, Managing Director of Italgen, has declared “A strong commitment, combined with a constant dialogue with the local Authorities, has allowed the attainment of a pioneering project in the renewable energy sector, able to support the Country and, hopefully, future investors”.

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