Italgen broadens its international perimeter developing a wind farm in Morocco

Italgen broadens its international perimeter developing a wind farm in Morocco


Italcementi Group and its spin off for energy activities, Italgen, has recently inaugurated a wind farm close to its grinding center in Lâayoune at the presence of Mohammed Yahya Zniber, Secretary General of the Moroccan Ministry of Energy, Water and Environment, Carlo Pesenti, CEO of Italcementi, and Mohamed Chaïbi, Chairman of Ciments du Maroc.

The wind power plant has been erected thanks to Italgen’s know-how for a total investment of 100 million dirhams.

The choice of establishing a wind farm in the south of Morocco is in line with the economic plan of the country, focused on planning industrial investment in the area. The project is supported by ONE (National Office for 'Moroccan Electricity’) which requires an increase in power generation in the south of the country.

During his speech Mr Carlo Pesenti has underlined the historical presence of the Group in Morocco "Italcementi Group has been committed to reduce the environmental impact of its industrial activities since long. In accordance with Kyoto Protocol, our Group has put in place many studies for the installation of wind farms to produce energy for our cement plants. The project in Morocco is the first evidence of this commitment.” 

The plant is an important example of innovation in the country and one of the leading private investments in the energy field.

The wind farm will primarily supply the grinding center: the exceeding electricity will be fed into ONE national grid.

The Secretary General Yahya Zniber has expressed his gratitude and appreciation underlining: "The wind farm of Indusaha is part of the energy strategy of our Government. The country is pursuing an outstanding program for wind energy exploitation. In this regard, an integrated project will be built in the next ten years with a total investment of 31.5 billion dirhams, allowing to switch from 280 MW in 2010 to 2,000 MW in 2020".

The wind farm of Lâayoune is dedicated to Mr Driss Cherrak, former CEO of Ciments du Maroc, for his strong commitment to Sustainable Development.

The project is the first step for Italcementi Group and Italgen for the reduction of greenhouse gases. The wind farm is part of the so called “Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects”, a significant initiative established by UN’s Kyoto Protocol whose main aim is assist emerging countries (without emissions) to achieve sustainable development and help mature markets to be compliant to their emission reduction targets by purchasing offset credits generated by CDM projects.

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