22nd March: Celebrating World Water Day

22nd March: Celebrating World Water Day


"Nature for Water" is the topic chosen by the United Nations to celebrate World Water Day 2018, focused on the reduction of floods, drought and water pollution.

Italgen has been putting in place since the beginning many initiatives to protect water and promote its efficient use, aware of the importance of this unique and valuable source.

A Sustainable Development supported by an effective environmental policy with water preservation as a key issue in the management of our hydropower plants, in addition to biodiversity.

Our care for river ecosystem has led us to conceive and adopt fish ladders and minimum low flow stream to protect fish populations and their natural habitat.

"Water is core in a Sustainable Development process. It can pose serious challenges, but managed efficiently and equitably, can play a key enabling role in streghtening the resilience of social, economic and environmental systems in the light of a rapid and unpredictable changes. Our Company has always been committed to the environment through the research of an harmonious integration of our hydropower plants in the surroundings and the development of innovative technologies to save water sources" – declared Giuseppe De Beni, CEO & Managing Director of Italgen  - " Environmental protection is a key element in business management and we have been carrying out many activities in full compliance with the highest standards"



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