Open Day at Palazzolo sull'Oglio hydropower plant

Open Day at Palazzolo sull'Oglio hydropower plant


Italgen welcomed yesterday an enthusiastic young and grown up people involved in an interesting tour to the newly revamped hydropower plant located in northern Italy.

A long-awaited event providing our stakeholders with a unique opportunity to sneak a peek inside one of our historic gems and a brand new innovative project.

Palazzolo is an outstanding example of water power plant right in the heart of a vibrant community – said Mr Giuseppe De Beni, Managing Director of Italgen - The facility is one of the most valuable installations in Lombardy. Our Open Days aim to raise people’s awareness of the benefits of water power.”

The visit to the fish ladder, enabling species’ migration up and down the watercourse, and its monitoring system, among the most advanced at national level, marked the day.

The event is one of the many initiatives organized for the sake of energy education.

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