An open dialogue between technicians, academics and investors for a new wave of project execution

An open dialogue between technicians, academics and investors for a new wave of project execution


Over 180 wind resource specialists and industry representatives met in Edinburg on March 16th & 17th on the occasion of the forth edition of WindEurope’s technology workshop dedicated to one of the most exploited renewable energy sources in the world.

A must attend event gathering delegates from the 5 continents, including Italgen, called to share common views on the importance of accurate wind assessment, through better models and validation tools, to reduce uncertainty in calculation and ensure the project bankability.

The two-day conference was the chance for many modelling analysts, wind energy engineers, academics and investors to exchange experience on wind energy policy, finance and technical developments in many countries.

Exclusive insights were collected on the occasion of the panel “An investor perspective on resource assessment” during which the world of industry asked experts a valuable help to reduce investment risks, granting bankability since the beginning. “Modelling analysts, wind energy engineers and wind farm designers have done a great job so far, but they need to be consistent with the real needs of the investors – said Giuseppe De Beni, CEO & Managing Director of Italgen – that is to sustain projects since the early steps with reliable data, to reduce risk profile and reinforce bankability”. 

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