Our Business

Our experience dates back to the early 1900s, when a number of hydroelectric power plants are put into operation within the perimeter of a leading industrial group to supply electricity to its Italian plants.

A hundred years later, we become an independent company, focusing on renewable energy sector and integrating our vision with the modern values of Sustainability of business activities.

We are currently a player able to face different challenges, thanks to a well-established network of international relationships and to a know-how developed also by adhering to the leading Italian Entrepreneurial Association, Confindustria, to the well known Industrial network of Elettricità Futura, and to the reputed think tank  Althesys

Energy Mix

Our Company is constantly engaged in the production and sale of electricity based on a mix from renewable sources.

Energy mix used for electricity generation by Italgen S.p.A.


Energy mix used for electricity generation sold by Italgen S.p.A.


Average national energy mix used for electricity generation fed into the grid 

Details concerning energy mix are in accordance with the Ministry of Economic Development Decree issued on 31st July 2009.

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