Guiglia - Italy

The PV plant of Guiglia (Modena – northern Italy), of over 6 MW, is the result of the conversion of a brown field and an exhaustive quarry of a grinding center of about 20 hectares (equivalent to more  than 40 soccer fields) in a high performance plant.

A success story and an important example of requalification of an abandoned area, turned up into a site for the production of electricity from renewable sources, with maximum efficiency in the use of already existing infrastructures.  A sustainable and profitable PV park entered into operation in 2011, avoiding any visual impact on the environment.

With an annual production of 8,000 MWh it is able to meet the energy demand of 2,000 households, avoiding the emissions of 3,500 tons of CO2 and saving 9,500 barrels of oil equivalent (BOEs).

In 2018 the PV park was sold.

Technical information

  • Installed capacity
    6.1 MW
  • Location
    Guiglia (Modena)
  • Avoided CO2 emissions
    3,500 tons/year
  • Barrels of oil equivalent
    9,500 barrels/year
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