Kavarna - Bulgaria - Project Development

Innovation has always been a key driver for us.

Any project developed either in Europe or in the Mediterranean Rim has been marked by a continuous search for industrial and technical development synergies. This is also the case of Kavarna wind farms, where the great challenge was to replace steel with innovative concrete towers supporting wind turbines. A pioneering, successful solution for tower heights and large rotor diameters.

In 2010 Italgen acquires a 49% stake of two 18 MW wind farms located on the shores of the Black Sea.

The plants currently produce, as a whole, 40,000 MWh, meeeting the needs of 14,000 households.

According to the business model, the energy produced by the 2 plants is totally injected into the national grid at a subsidized rate.

The plants grant a saving of 18,500 tons of CO2 and of 51,000 barrels of oil equivalent (BOEs) on an annual basis.

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