Lâayoune – Morocco

The wind farm project of Lâayoune is the first initiative we launched in the wind power sector (2006).

The plant, with an installed capacity of 5.1 MW and an annual production of 16,000 MWh, was built in the South of Morocco.

Entered into service in 2011, it significantly contributes to cover the electricity demand of the local grinding center, thanks to 6 wind turbines (850 kW each), with an annual reduction of 7,500 tons of CO2 and a saving of 20,500 barrels of oil equivalent (BOEs).

The electricity exceeding the plant’s needs is injected into the national grid to meet local communities’ growing energy demand (about 6,000 households are feeded).

We dealt with the whole phase of licensing and permitting, from the initial business idea to the selection of the WTGs’ supplier and plant commissioning, directly managing the plant during the first two years of commercial operation, till the handover to the final owner of the project.

Technical information

  • Installed Capacity
    5,1 MW
  • Location
    Lâayoune, South Morocco
  • Avoided CO2 emissions
    7,500 tons/year
  • Barrels of oil equivalent
    20,500 barrels/year
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