Lâayoune - Morocco - Project Development

The wind power project of Lâayoune has been conceived, developed and erected by Italgen on behalf of a local industrial Group, one of the biggest in the country, currently operating the plant.

It has been developed to cover the energy needs of the local production site, avoiding inefficiencies due to potential cut off.

The plant, entered into operation in 2011, consists of 6 wind turbines of 850 kW/each. Its production is equal to 16,000 MWh/year, confirming the initial objective of covering a growing percentage of site electric consumption, ensuring a saving of 7,500 tons of CO2 and of 21,000 barrels of oil equivalent (BOEs) per year.

The exceeding electricity is injected into the national grid to meet the energy demand of the local communities (6,000 households)  living in areas with limited power supply.

We have dealt with the whole phase of licensing and permitting, from the initial business idea to the selection of the wind turbine generators’ supplier (WTGs for short) and plant commissioning. After a couple of years of successful commercial operations, the plant was handed to the owner.

A specific training on the job to the owner’s local staff (either theoretical and practical) was put in place to properly run the plant.

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