Wind energy is the result of the conversion of wind’s kinetic power into other forms (i.e.electric or mechanic). Today its exploitation is rather simple and obtained through wind farms: wind’s energy turns two/three propeller-like blades around a rotor which is connected to the main shaft, spinning a generator to create electricity.

Modern wind turbines fall into two basic groups:

  • the horizontal-axis variety
  • the vertical-axis design

Wind energy is undoubtly one of the main renewable sources. Technology is fast improving focusing on efficiency and on a reduced impact on the environment.

Wind turbines (WTGs for short) can be installed  either on land (onshore WTGs) or in the water (i.e. oceans, seas and lakes and are called offshore WTGs).

Our company has gained a significant experience in renewables, developing onshore wind power projects in Bulgaria and in the MENA Region (Middle East North Africa), specifically in Morocco, Egypt and Turkey.

Erection of a wind farm

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